Tire Houses in Haiti

Guess what!  The world is getting some more earthships!

Mike Reynolds, the man who designed tire house living (like our own tire house) is helping Haiti rebuild their country.  He’s the gray-haired man in the center of the photo above.

The earthships in Haiti are made from old tires, cardboard, bottles, Styrofoam, and all sorts of other “junk”.  Isn’t that just perfect?  In a land so badly destroyed, they’re salvaging the scraps.  Reynolds and his crew aren’t just surveying the area and drawing up plans.  They’re rolling up their sleeves and HELPING.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal that my dad discovered, Reynolds said that before he went to Haiti earlier this month, “There was nothing but tents, nothing but cleanup.”

Local people are teaming up to construct these crazy, awesome homes.  Following the earthship mission, the houses will be self-sustaining, generating their own energy and collecting rainwater.  The one above is made from 120 tires – and get this:  it’s just 120 square feet big.  I know how small that is by our standards.  But imagine how beautiful it must be to have a home when yours was lost.

The plan is to build a small village of earthships.

How do you give your talents to the world?  Do you volunteer locally or try to send relief to places like Haiti?  Every little bit helps, because after all if you help a man build good things, he can turn around and build more goodness.

(Photo & info from The WSJ)