Earth Day sale!

April 22nd, 2014

“We were given a great gift to live here,” my dad told me years ago. We were hiking through the Montana forest near our house. “And it’s our job to make sure it stays this beautiful for future generations.”

I’ve never forgotten his lesson. And when I released the first Gadanke writing prompt journal, I vowed:

As we help people preserve stories at Gadanke, we will do our share to preserve the earth.


Today, we’re celebrating this mission. Use the code EARTHDAY2014 to save 15% on all Gadanke journals through Wednesday, April 23 at midnight.

Just how eco-savvy is Gadanke? Check out our new Green Mission page at the shop, where we’re sharing cool facts like how every Gadanke journal is made of 77% recycled content, and The State of Montana has awarded us FOUR green business awards. Oh… and there’s a picture of baby Niklas during his first hike last weekend.

Happy Earth Day! Let’s spread the word.

The Montana travel journal!

April 18th, 2014

I have this dream of getting Niklas one of those bandana bibs. He could wear it as we bop around the house, singing “My Home’s in Montana.” (The second line of the song is “I wear a bandana.”)

He could also wear it as I ship Gadanke’s newest journal to our customers because…

montana travel journal

It’s the Montana travel journal!

This journal has been on my wish-to-make list for a long time. Thinking about my Gadanke goals and publicly announcing them really helped make this journal happen. So did singing Montana songs with Niklas.

There’s no denying that I love this state. Now when you come to visit us, you can document all the beauty that you see.

Not that you’d forget the views like this one from the day I announced my pregnancy last summer:

baby boy

Or the afternoon we went waterskiing on our favorite lake. Yeah, we were the only ones on the water:

water skiing in montana

And of course there’s this kinda well known place:

yellowstone buffalo

We’ll see you here.*

*With a Montana travel journal! ha!

Washing machine maintenance

April 16th, 2014

Every so often, we get questions about the remodeling progress of our home in the airplane hangar. These days, anything we accomplish pretty much revolves around what’s needed for our family to function with a baby. You know how that is! So we still have a long list of remodeling details to eventually wrap up (doorknob in the bedroom, shelves in some of the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity…).

This task pretty much took center stage over the weekend:

washing machine repair

I call the project ripping up the bathroom.

fixing a washing machine

Martin calls it repairing the washing machine.

repairing a washing machine

For me, the best way to keep on top of laundry with a baby in the house is running a load of laundry every day. Some people might prefer to make it a weekend task. But even when I worked a 9-5 away from home, I found that doing progressive laundry keeps things from getting overwhelming. It’s also a great way to avoid the need for purchasing extra clothes!

Martin was just doing some preventative repairs over the weekend. That man hears problems brewing in machines like nothing I’ve ever known. And luckily since we live in such a rural place where a repair man isn’t available for our German appliance, he’s more than happy to take apart our machine and repair it himself.

So that’s what he did while Niklas and I went to visit Grandma… and if needed – her washing machine.