Journaling on photos

October 31st, 2014

journaling on photos tutorial

Hello and Happy Halloween! Sweet Baby Niklas is napping, so we’ll have to show you his costume a little later. Like any new mom with a baby, I’m pretty obsessed with his costume. It was the first time I pulled out the sewing machine for non-Gadanke work since he was born. Gosh I miss fabric and sewing! At the same time, I’ve had so much more to journal about–of course, I loooove that!

Thank you for all the cheers about Gadanke Workshop. If the little guy’s nap continues beyond my writing to you here, I’m off to get the next workshop ready.

On Monday, I shared the first workshop with you, Putting an end to blank page syndrome. I launched two workshops that day (from here on out, it’ll be one workshop each Monday, so you can set aside five minutes to watch the episode, then reflect and write an entry). The other workshop was Journaling on photos.

Folks say a photo is worth 1,000 words, right? In this workshop, we journal directly onto those photos. It’s awesome! If you haven’t already checked it out, I’ll see you over there…

Have a great (scary!) weekend.



Putting an end to blank page syndrome

October 27th, 2014

Life is busy. So if you’ve always wanted to keep a meaningful, fabulous journal, Gadanke Workshop is for you. It’s free, and it’s here. Yay!

put an end to blank page syndrome in your journal

Gadanke Workshop is the journaling video series that’s created to inspire, entertain, and encourage you to celebrate your story. Each Monday, I’ll share a new workshop lesson that will take you 15-20 minutes maximum to watch, reflect, and write.

In one year, you’ll have a fabulous finished journal.

The first workshop is aptly called: Putting an end to blank page syndrome. Come watch, write, and enjoy!

Paperclipping a journal entry

October 23rd, 2014

your dreams will not fit in this box - layed journal technique

Every once and a while, I like to layer different papers in a journal entry. When you do this multiple times, it gives your journal more bulk and variety. I think that added texture makes a journal feel more fun.

Your eye will immediately be drawn to a page that’s different than others, too. The above page is from an older version of Gadanke’s best selling writing prompt journal – the She introspective journal. The entry was a simple reminder to myself. See how layering gave my little note so much dimension? Using the brightly colored Italian paper that came in the journal as the background paper really adds an extra punch. So does the fun paperclip!

Try adding layers to your journal page with a paperclip.

Suggested materials I used: German pens, Vintage Traveler kit (similar), She journal