On podcasts, chatting about journaling, business, and life

September 15th, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some fun opportunities to chitchat with some like-minded gals on their podcasts. I’m so happy that podcasts are resurfacing lately. When I first started blogging here in 2008, I loved podcasts. Never would I have dreamed that I’d get to be the guest of honor on several! Oh but here they are!

1. Brilliant Business Moms

brilliant business moms with katie clemons

Sarah and Beth Anne are two sisters relatively new to the online world. But don’t let them fool you! They ask great questions. We talked about how airplanes contributed to the start of Gadanke, and how airplanes contributed to its lowest point, too. Time management. Tips for entrepreneurs. Favorite apps. Thanks for having me, ladies!

2. The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast

b+ life podcast with katie clemons

Sarah’s podcast is for anyone who strives for perfection. It’s for anyone who needs to be okay with a B+. The idea is brilliant because isn’t that most of us as women?! Sarah shared her Become journal with us a couple of years ago, so it was fabulous to reconnect with her. We talked about how we get caught up on having the perfect journal and how to push past that feeling. In the coming weeks, Sarah and I have something else fun to share. What a great gal and fun podcast to be a part of!

Embellishing a birthday tag

September 12th, 2014

washi tape on a tag

I haven’t written on this tag yet. I pulled it from my She journal. Nonetheless, it was so easy to make these embellishments that I thought I’d show you.

First, my supplies:

1. Lay a strip of paper tape across the bottom. Trim off the edges.

2. Cut triangles of paper tape and lay them side-by-side. (You can draw a swooping line with a pencil to help you align triangles if you want.)

That’s it!

Update! As I was writing this, my assistant, Angie, told me about a birthday party she’d just attended. So I handed her the tag. She was on cake baking duty, which she described on the back of the tag. On the front, she wrote this. Isn’t her handwriting beautiful?!

embellished tag for a birthday


We’re on HGTV!

September 9th, 2014
One year ago, our September was a bit crazy at the airport. First, I was working on my TEDx speech, which I delivered in Minot, North Dakota. (What a fun town!) Second, I was eight months pregnant. And third… well we can finally share the third big thing that happened one year ago…
airplane hangar house on hgtv
We shared our home in the airplane hangar with a crew for the TV series, You Live in What? on GAC (Great American Country) and HGTV!
You Live in What? is a popular reality TV show that shares how ordinary folks have turned the most unlikely places into wonderful one-of-a-kind homes.
In the episode, Martin and I walk viewers through our 720 square foot home and tell the story of how our space came to be – a story we’ve been chronicling here on the blog since we started three years ago.
An HGTV scout was watching our progress and asked if we’d like to be on the show. We said, “You betcha!”
It was one of those perfect early autumn days in Montana where you wake up with a hot cup of tea and leave the windows (and hangar door!) wide open. A crew flew up from Texas to film us talking about a lot of things around the airfield – the geothermal heating system, the local building materials, how Martin and I met.
In the episode featuring our home, viewers will also peek in a bank, chapel, and former soviet radio factory.
The story premiered on August 29th and repeated on August 30. But don’t worry you guys! You haven’t missed it yet. The episode is considered timeless and will rerun on both GAC and HGTV in the future. (It’s episode 306.) We actually haven’t seen it ourselves yet!
It’s funny to us to hear that our story that day would be timeless, because of course Niklas was born a few months later. The days of life before him feel like a faint memory.