Birthday journal entry

August 29th, 2014

birthday journal entry

I was flipping through the pages of my She journal last night when I couldn’t sleep, when I saw this entry. It’s another really easy tag project.

Isn’t the tag cute?! Here’s what I used:

To make the tag:

1. Stick three pieces of paper tape on the tag to represent the candle sticks.

2. Draw wicks and flames.

3. Color the reinforcement around the hole yellow to pull everything together.

4. Open the binding of your journal, and pop it in.

5. Journal.

6. Date your entry.

I wrote a letter to my mom for this journal entry. True, she’ll probably never read it since it’s in my journal and all! But that’s not the point. I was thinking about how she always made us feel so special for our birthdays. Isn’t it a lucky thing to feel loved? It felt important to document that.

Summer holiday journaling

August 15th, 2014

4th of july journal entry

Hold up. The 4th of July was weeks ago. Why journal about it now? Because maybe there’s a story you want to tell from that day. In this case, my assistant Angie had a story she wanted to document from last 4th of July.

Here’s the supplies she used:

It’s pretty simple to make.

1. Stick stripes of paper tape onto your tag and trim off the edges.

2. Journal on the tag.

3. Stamp the date.

4th of july bbq journal tag

What’s interesting about this tag is that it’s actually a sort of table of contents. First was a BBQ. Angie documented that story in her journal. Then was the fireworks, so she wrote about that on preceding pages. Then she recorded why the location here in Montana was such a fun, meaningful place for her.

Easy and colorful.

Summer flying with our baby

August 4th, 2014

flying with a baby general aviation

I’ve been looking at photos we’ve been snapping from various flights this summer, and there’s a definite pattern. This little guy is going up a lot, and he’s loving it!

We put a carseat rear facing in whichever plane Martin is flying in for a quick flight (he keeps pretty busy with various pilots and their planes). We buckle Niklas in and put this little headset on his ears. Sometimes he sleeps. Sometimes he watches the world around him.

baby headset for general aviation

Summer in Montana has been pretty good. So far, he’s all smiles.