Finding your direction with a journal

October 21st, 2014

make something happen journal

You know that question:

“So what do you do?”

I feel like the cooler weather brings this question to the surface more than any time of year. The brown and yellow leaves are blowing off the trees outside my window. We spotted pheasants waddling into the tall dried grass. And intimate events with nearby folks we care about are already starting to fill our calendar. Everyone’s going to start asking what you do.

It’s okay if you don’t know the answer!

I think I can help. Not too long ago, I was there, too. I think we all were, and we’ll probably be back there again. Like the change of seasons, we have changes in our lives. That’s such a good thing! It can feel hard, though. I know.

If you’re eager to open your heart and slowly craft some plans, so that you can celebrate the person you’re meant to become, you’re going to love the journal I want to share with you today! Become: the journal for finding your direction. This writing prompt journal will help you open your heart and slowly craft some plans, so that you can celebrate the person you’re meant to become.

Angie, the gal who ships your orders, calls it her launching pad. She doodles and writes her responses to all the writing prompts. It’s just so exciting to see goals discovered… and attained!

So ask yourself: what’s your dream? what are you passionate about?

P.S. More Gadanke Workshop filming today. Think we can get this fabulous thing launched on Monday? Cross your fingers.

Recording the first Gadanke Workshop

October 15th, 2014

gadanke workshop filming

Today, I am sitting beside the warmth of these bright lights, finding the right balance for my fingers to walk beneath the camera. A dream is happening! I’m preparing the first Gadanke Workshop videos. Yes, that tripod is hanging from the ceiling. The wind is howling in the background. And the baby is sleeping – quite possibly interrupting the first video should he wake up. We shall see!

The Gadanke Workshop is a weekly series that Martin and I dreamed up during the baby’s bath time. He and Niklas were playing with the water; I was folding laundry beside them. It really just hit, like all great ideas do. I didn’t expect to find this idea between onsies and baby giggles. But there it was.

Gadanke Workshop.

It’s the journaling video series that’s created to inspire, entertain, and encourage you to celebrate your story. This workshop is going to be available for free because of your support and purchase of Gadanke’s products. Thank you, folks! I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I still have a lot to learn about video editing and YouTube channeling. But I do know one thing very well: the topic of journaling. I’m starting there. I’m starting right now.

Where I keep my journals

October 2nd, 2014

where i keep my journals

I keep my journals at my desk.

It’s the desk that got displaced when a crib took its spot in the bedroom. It’s the desk that now tucks in behind the dining table – my writing sanctuary when the baby takes his nap. If I lean forward just a little as I sit here to write, I can see his little body rising and falling as he sleeps behind the glass doors. The chair goes back and forth between the dining table and my desk.

But the journals do not move.

I have misplaced my journals far too many times to know this. When I forget where I put them, I start to forget to write. And that’s when stories start to go untold. These journals of mine – they need their place, just as we all need our place to retreat to.

I love this simple corner of our little home.

Finished journals (like Love Where We Live, where I documented our life in Germany) rest with journals that still have stories untold. The one on top is my favorite, of course. It’s You Are Loved – Niklas’ baby book, still flagged with sticky notes where I want to add photos or record a few facts.

If you’re feeling stumped on how to create a writing routine, start here. Find a sanctuary. Yes, I pay bills and schedule appointments at this desk. But in that drawer? That’s where my stories begin.