How to: Make Toilet Paper Tube Ornaments

One project from my ebook, A Green Christmas, that I just can’t get enough of is this stylish and simple flower or star ornament.

recycled toilet paper tube craft

Since it’s the season of sharing (and those of you with kids might be desperately needing a way to distract your kids with a craft project before the big day), I just can’t resist sharing this project with all of you.

All you need is an old toilet paper tube, paint, and yarn.

1.  Paint around the outside of the tube.  I recommend acrylic or tempera paint.
toilet paper tube project

2.  Once paint has dried, mark the tube at 3/4 inch intervals along the width of the tube. Cut to make three narrower rings and leftovers. Fold each ring in half to make the letter “V” like I’ve done below.

toilet paper tube craft

3. Wrap a piece of yarn around the center point of the Vs and secure with a knot.

4. Continue to wrap yarn at the point of the Vs until everything is secure and pleasing to your eye.

recycled ornament tutorial

5. Cut extra string and pull open each of the loops on the star. Thread a short piece of yarn through one loop to hang on the tree. Or on a gift. Or off a doorknob.

And a special thank you to bloggers that helped spread the word about A Green Christmas: The Borrowed Abode, Victorian Cobweb, and Antiques Diva.  Thank you, thank you, ladies!

Happy repurposing.