Journaling on a tag

August 1st, 2014

journaling on a tag

Sometimes people ask me what they should do with the tags that come in a lot of the writing prompt journals we make at Gadanke. I love the tags so much that for this journal entry in my She journal, I actually added more tags!

To me, tags are just another tool for documenting your story. They add contrast to the pages of your journal, and they kind of encourage you to think out of the box and add more stuff to your journal, too. To me, tags are such a  win-win. And they’re really fun.

Here’s what I used for this tag:


1. Punch out the heart on the pink tag.

2. Use scallop scissors across the bottom.

3. Journal. (I wrote about my grandma’s embroidery… and my lack of embroidery skills!)

4. At first, I was just going to pop the pink tag into my journal. But it didn’t feel complete. I put the yellow paper tape over the reinforcement hole and a yellow tag behind the journal.

5. Open the ring on your journal. Insert entry.

6. Date entry. (I had to go back and do this after the photo was taken. Oops.)

20 items to add to your travel journal

July 30th, 2014

20 items to add to your travel journal

A few weeks ago, Baby Niklas pulled his first book off our bookshelf. (Now it’s one of his favorite activities.) I went to pick the book up, figuring it was one of his board books of rhymes, airplanes, or colorful pictures. Boy was I wrong! He’d selected Yellowstone Day Hikes.

Martin smiled. “Well he is your son, Katie!”

It’s true. I love to get out. And travel journaling is one of my favorite types of records to keep. The easy-open binding of Gadanke’s travel journal (pictured above) makes it easy to hang onto mementos like these.

Print this list and take it on your trip, so that you’ll think more about grabbing paper bits from life.

20 items I always add to my travel journal:

1. Ticket stubs from museums, symphonies, plays, and tourist attractions

2. Transportation tickets and receipts

3. Maps

4. Brochures

5. Postcards (The photos are always so much better than anything I can snap.)

6. Photographs of us as a group

7. Photographs of us individually, capturing something that intrigues or relates to the person being photographed

8. Business cards from favorite restaurants

9. Food wrappers

10. Doodles of things I found interesting

11. Cool stickers

12. Receipts from cool shops or of food and souvenirs

13. Photo of an interesting meal or snack, preferably with someone holding it!

14. Tag from the souvenir t-shirt

15. A note on the exchange rate, price of gas, or other comparisons

16. Coasters (especially in Germany!)

17. Photographs of the area we’re visiting, capturing people just doing their thing

18. Itineraries

19. Airline tickets

20. Event schedules

How about some inspiration for memory keeping on the go? Peek in Tina’s travel journal to France, Elizabeth’s travel journal to the USA, and my travel journal to Spain. What adventures! 

Personalized housewarming stationery

July 28th, 2014

easy housewarming card tutorial

The watercolors have a permanent place on our dining table these days. You’ve been warned. They’re such an easy way to personalize paper goods and add a little color, no matter your skill level.

step 1 creating personal stationery

We wanted to give our new neighbors a housewarming gift, starting with a welcome note. I used:

embellish a card with watercolors

Quick little stripes with one color. Then quick little stripes with a second. The stripes don’t have to be perfect. I actually think that’s part of the beauty of them.

how to personalize stationery with watercolors

I suppose it goes without saying. A little note and a bottle of wine – they go a long way.