Favorite poem journal entry

September 26th, 2014

poetry journal entry

If you flip through the pages of all the Gadanke journals that people have shared, you’ll see a lot of really fun ideas for the mini envelopes that come in many of our writing prompt journals. I absolutely love these envelopes.

Let me show you what I did with the one that comes in the She journal.

First, my supplies:

1. I stuck a piece of paper tape across the envelope.

2. Dipping the letter stamps into the black ink, I started spelling. My original plan was to say “Poem in my pocket,” but there wasn’t enough room. So I drew a heart and filled it in with my red pen.

That’s it for the envelope. Pretty easy, huh?

3. I printed off a copy of one of my favorite childhood poems – The Swing by Robert Lewis Stevenson – and wrote a few notes about why I think I liked this poem so much. (Obviously, I can’t exactly remember, though I do remember reciting it on the swing set in the back yard.)

4. I folded the paper up and stuck it in the envelope.

It’s an easy entry with a rich story. Try it!

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Be brave! Free printables for your journal

September 17th, 2014

We’ve been waking up to frost on the ground. Brrr! Like it or not, autumn is coming to Montana. Any changes in the weather where you are?

I recently shared a few printable, free journal pages in the Gadanke newsletter. The newsletter is a place for encouraging you in your writing practice and celebrating what makes you jump out of bed. I’d love to have you join all of us. I’m not going to dive into the reflection about bravery and journal keeping that I shared. (Ha – you have to subscribe for that.) But I will share these pages with you. Just print them and add them to your journal.

be brave journal entry

Click here to download the pdf.

Just before a storm blew in, I put my pages in Gadanke’s most popular writing prompt journal: the introspective She journal. (It’s such a powerful one for preteen to adult women.)

how im being brave journal prompt

Go do brave things, folks!

Psst… and make sure you share your pages online with #mygadankejournal.


On podcasts, chatting about journaling, business, and life

September 15th, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some fun opportunities to chitchat with some like-minded gals on their podcasts. I’m so happy that podcasts are resurfacing lately. When I first started blogging here in 2008, I loved podcasts. Never would I have dreamed that I’d get to be the guest of honor on several! Oh but here they are!

1. Brilliant Business Moms

brilliant business moms with katie clemons

Sarah and Beth Anne are two sisters relatively new to the online world. But don’t let them fool you! They ask great questions. We talked about how airplanes contributed to the start of Gadanke, and how airplanes contributed to its lowest point, too. Time management. Tips for entrepreneurs. Favorite apps. Thanks for having me, ladies!

2. The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast

b+ life podcast with katie clemons

Sarah’s podcast is for anyone who strives for perfection. It’s for anyone who needs to be okay with a B+. The idea is brilliant because isn’t that most of us as women?! Sarah shared her Become journal with us a couple of years ago, so it was fabulous to reconnect with her. We talked about how we get caught up on having the perfect journal and how to push past that feeling. In the coming weeks, Sarah and I have something else fun to share. What a great gal and fun podcast to be a part of!