Trixie’s pet journal

April 8th, 2014

journal for pets

If dog is man’s best friend, then pictures and lists might just be a journaler’s best friend.

Folks, you have got to go peek inside Trixie’s The Marvelous pet journal to get a feel for how you can capture great stories without spending a ton of time writing. Judy, Trixie’s owner, uses photos to capture her spunky pup’s personality and funny moments. The pages of this journal crack me up! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

dogs life

The lists in Trixie’s book show how effective jotting down short, simple thoughts can be for preserving memories with Gadanke’s classic prompts. You don’t have to write an entire narrative about a particular thing that happened or about what makes you laugh about a person (or in this case a pooch). A list does the trick!

scrapbook dog life

In the years to come, those little collections of thoughts will be all you need to get you remembering the stories behind those fun lists.

What sort of list could you write in your journal today?

Speaking at Yellowstone Gateway Museum

April 4th, 2014

On Wednesday night, I had the incredible experience of speaking in the spring speaker series at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum. My family and I were the youngest people there (especially four-month-old Niklas!), so I really enjoyed the challenge of speaking to a different audience.

yellowstone talk

I focused my talk on a couple things:

  • Journaling our stories (obviously!).
  • Listening to each other’s stories.
  • Creating tools to draw out stories in each other.
  • Preserving these stories with the local museum.

talking at yellowstone museum

Then I really wanted to give everyone an engaging experience. I pulled out a few group techniques that I used in planning family reunions, and we started creating dialogue.

The museum is launching an audio interview project so we can get some of the incredible stories of our community members recorded. I’m so excited. We used some of the writing prompts from the She journal to practice with partners.

Even Niklas got in on the dialogue with his daddy. I heard him squaking away in the back of the room. But neither of them will tell me what their stories were yet. “They were in German,” Martin said. And they both grinned at me as we climbed into the car.

What a perfect night!

What a great leap back into speaking after giving a TEDxTalk, too. I can’t wait for the next speaking project! Where should I go?

Julie’s Taste Journal

April 2nd, 2014


So often, food is seasoned as much with nostalgia as it is with spices and flavors.

That’s why I love how Julie of Savvy Eats has sprinkled her Taste journal with memories and little tidbits about food from her childhood. Julie is generously letting us take a peek at how she used this fun journal that encourages catching the stories behind favorite foods and documenting who you are as a cook (or as an eater!).

food and recipe journal

Julie’s journal includes fun notes, like a list of the things her parents used to make. Plus, Julie added a sweet note about what she remembers from making cookies with her mom, noting what decorations they used to make the treats extra special.

recipe journaling

I love the idea of including in journals not just the big, important or sentimental things, but also the small little things that make us smile. She even references her favorite Christmas meal – roast beast! Go take a peek.

What are your favorite food memories? How do you document the stories that go with treasured recipes?