Podcasts about journaling and storykeeping

December 19th, 2014


It’s been a whirlwind of storycatching over here, but we did it! All of your Gadanke journals are packaged and on their way for the holidays. Thank you for all your support! I think there are going to be some beautiful stories recorded this Christmas.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to slowing down. We’re going to go meet Santa’s reindeer. Judging by Niklas’ excitement about the deer out our window, I think the reindeer are going to be a huge hit… provided his squeals don’t spook them, too!

I was lucky enough to be invited to two great podcasts these past weeks. Lots of conversation about good food, traditions, expat life and marriage, and of course: keeping a fabulous journal!

As you kick back (or drive around town like crazy!) this weekend, I hope you enjoy listening to these:

1. The Art of Simple with Tsh Oxenreider

2. Paperclipping Roundtable with Noell and Izzy Hyman, Amy Sorensen, and Stacy Julian (so many journal ideas!)

Warmest holiday wishes from all of us!

Write a journal entry on a tag

December 15th, 2014

Hello snowy Monday! I love when we wake up with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. It makes the winter season feel especially magical. It also adds a little bounce to our steps at Gadanke, as we’re packaging journal orders and getting them out the door for Christmas. (Order deadline is this Thursday.) I’m so grateful for this business and all of your support – thank you!

Now on to the latest Gadanke Workshop!

how to write a journal entry on a tag

Gadanke Workshop 09: Write on a tag

Each Monday, I love to film a complimentary tutorial to help inspire you to pull out your journal on a weekly basis. I know this time of year is especially hectic. So I hope this workshop inspires you. The lesson is quick. Journal entries on a tag are easy. They add a lot of fun dimension to your journal.

Go try. And stay warm!

Toddler-friendly fabric ornaments

December 11th, 2014

toddler friendly ornaments

If you enjoy decorating your Christmas tree, you’ll want my little boy to visit. Every morning, he happily takes all the ornaments off the lower half of our tree. He sorts them, hands them to us, and sets them on the tree branches like he sees me doing. Oh the toddler love! Then as he’s getting into pjs with his dad at the end of the day, I put them all back on the tree. The next day, he starts again! I love this curious, excited, jolly phase.

I’m also really grateful that we have a whole stash of toddler-friendly ornaments that I (unintentionally!) made a few years ago.

handmade ornaments

If you’ve been reading Making This Home for a while, you might recall a sewing experiment I took on. I wanted to stretch my sewing skills, use some small scraps, improve my embroidery knowledge, and have a nice stash of ornaments.

handmade fabric ornaments

It never occurred to me that those ornaments would be toddler-friendly until I pulled them out of their box this year. Awesome! Niklas loves playing with them so much. I only wish I’d made more because, you know, hindsight is 20/20.

P.S. The Christmas shipping deadline for US orders is December 18th at the journal shop, so there’s still time if you have your eye on something like a mother son journal or baby book.