Home Tour

1. Berlin, Germany

Our first major remodel was in Berlin, Germany (where we sadly no longer live). Home was a 450 square foot apartment that desperately needed a kitchen overhaul. The original kitchen was just 36 square feet. No room to even cut vegetables or pour a glass of milk. So we did what we know best–we rolled up our sleeves and started making this home!

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2. Montana, USA

When we moved back to the United States, we decided that home was going to be a vintage airplane hangar in my home state, Montana. Only problem? The hangar didn’t have a home in it, let alone windows! We dusted off the ol’ can do spirit and built a 720 square foot green home that we now share with our toddler. And yeah, it was featured on HGTV’s You Live in What? (Still can’t believe I just wrote that!!)

home in airplane hangar

Follow our Montana, USA remodeling process …