A journaler’s New Year’s Resolution

January 5th, 2015
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This time of year is equally exciting and intimidating because you can see hundreds of bloggers posting resolutions, lists, projects, goals – all these really incredible things that they want to accomplish in the new year.

Like many people, I’ve always tried to define my hopes for the year in one word. (They’ve been: Together as we built our home in the hangar, Slowly as we whittled down the project list, and Unleash as we became parents.) I’ll gladly take an opportunity to reflect on where we are and where I’d like our family and myself to be in another year, mostly because I enjoy looking back at the previous year. I’ll share more of that with you shortly.

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8 New Year’s questions for your journal

January 1st, 2015
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I know it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a fresh slate. There are resolutions to make, a little word to pick for the coming year, and a hundred neglected things to organize and simplify. I’m right there with you.

But as you pack up Christmas ornaments and decorations, tucking each little story away until next year, I want you to pause. Really pause. How has the past year been? There were beautiful moments, and there were hard days. I imagine there were times when everything was so fantastic that you wished the day would never end. There were also those mornings when you probably wanted to throw the bed covers over your head, never to get up and face the day.

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How to briefly journal about your day when life is busy

December 23rd, 2014
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I want you to do me a favor. Actually this is a gift for you to give yourself.

Life is hectic right now, I know. There are a thousand things to do and hundreds of distractions all around. You’re being pushed in every direction, scrambling in the holiday rush.

Just pause a moment.

Document a bit about your day.

This holiday season is different than last year, and it won’t be the same next year. Sure, many things are traditions that’ll never change. Yet other things alter gradually, sometimes without us even realizing it. These are all the bits of life worth documenting and celebrating. Whether you’re surrounded by family or feeling quite alone, write every so briefly today, will you?

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