What The World Wants From You

what the world wants from you

“My story’s not interesting. Nobody wants to hear it.”

How often do you and I think these unworthy thoughts? The sad universal truth is that we all think this way sometimes. We do it a bit too much … and sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re downplaying our significance. We get up each morning and go about our day. It feels like a hectic rhythm that we repeat as the calendar turns day after day. Things that used to feel exciting—moving into a new house, playing a particular boardgames with the kids, volunteering, and whatever you do—begin to lose their sparkle. The things that fill our days no longer seem fascinating, unique, or remotely interesting.

Midlife crisis? Time to introduce change?

Not at all.

I have found in my own life that the best thing to do is simply look at my routine a little differently. What would my grandmother think of these everyday things like streaming video or video chatting with faraway family? Would my great great grandma be blown away by the fresh oranges sitting on my countertop? Then I look to my left and right. What seems beautiful about my life to the woman on the opposite end of the country or the world? How about the one down the road?

The goal isn’t to brag and boast about what you have or emphasize anything you don’t. It’s to celebrate the little things (like video chatting!) that have become so everyday to us.

What would your neighbor or close friend compliment you on? What does she admire or appreciate about you? How would she call you brave?

That, my sweet friend, is a story that makes you beautiful. And the world wants it. We want you to write it down. (This time of year, I can’t recommend Gadanke’s gratitude journal enough. It’s a sweet and simple journal that triggers pockets of gratitude in everyday moments.) Carry your head high. And when we ask, “How are you?” tell us about that silly board game or the oranges sitting on your countertop.

* * *

Could someone you care about use this letter of love and encouragement? Please forward this message to her, and mention how you appreciate her or think she’s brave. We can always use more love notes in our world!

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