8 New Year’s questions for your journal

8 New Year's questions for your journal

I know it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a fresh slate. There are resolutions to make, a little word to pick for the coming year, and a hundred neglected things to organize and simplify. I’m right there with you.

But as you pack up Christmas ornaments and decorations, tucking each little story away until next year, I want you to pause. Really pause. How has the past year been? There were beautiful moments, and there were hard days. I imagine there were times when everything was so fantastic that you wished the day would never end. There were also those mornings when you probably wanted to throw the bed covers over your head, never to get up and face the day.

With both the good and bad, here we are. It’s a near year. Pull out your journal and write about it.

I’ve been answering these questions for years, always tucking them into the last page of my Christmas journal or the beginning of my introspective writing prompt journal, She so I can easily reference them in the future. It’s fascinating to look back at previous years’ answers. There are certainly details I would have forgotten or been unable to remember when they happened.

Here they are: 8 New Year’s questions for your journal

1. What are five words that describe the past year?

2. What’s something that made me smile last year?

3. What’s something that made me ache last year?

4. What are five moments with others that I really loved last year?

5. What mistake did I make last year? What did I learn?

6. What’s a great gift I gave to someone in need last year?

7. What do I hope to learn or accomplish in the coming year?

8. What are my three wishes for the new year?