Journaling on a tag

journaling on a tag

Sometimes people ask me what they should do with the tags that come in a lot of the writing prompt journals we make at Gadanke. I love the tags so much that for this journal entry in my She journal, I actually added more tags!

To me, tags are just another tool for documenting your story. They add contrast to the pages of your journal, and they kind of encourage you to think out of the box and add more stuff to your journal, too. To me, tags are such a  win-win. And they’re really fun.

Here’s what I used for this tag:


1. Punch out the heart on the pink tag.

2. Use scallop scissors across the bottom.

3. Journal. (I wrote about my grandma’s embroidery… and my lack of embroidery skills!)

4. At first, I was just going to pop the pink tag into my journal. But it didn’t feel complete. I put the yellow paper tape over the reinforcement hole and a yellow tag behind the journal.

5. Open the ring on your journal. Insert entry.

6. Date entry. (I had to go back and do this after the photo was taken. Oops.)