Our half-birthday tradition

1/2 birthday tradition

A couple weeks ago, our sweet baby boy turned six months old. We’re pretty excited about creating new traditions in our family, and one of those traditions is going to be the celebration of half birthdays.

When I first mentioned this idea to Martin, he was a little leery. In our current culture, we parents have a tendency to dote on our children. Perhaps a bit too much. I didn’t want to create a big hoopla with bouncy castles, ponies, and a pizza party. My half birthday idea is a quiet celebration at home. The entire day is like any other day.

But then after dinner, we have a half cake. In the future, I think we’ll talk about how grateful we are for the half-birthday person. It’ll be like going around the table, telling everyone something you did that day. Instead, we’ll focus on the special person. Maybe we’ll have a special plate for that person. Maybe it would be a good way to point out strengths and talents. I don’t know yet. We’ll take it as it comes!

What I do know is that there will be no gifts. No candles. No birthday song. Just hugs, love, and intense gratitude. And cake!

For Niklas’ half-birthday cake, I used (and highly recommend):

This year, of course, our half-birthday boy couldn’t have his cake and eat it, too. Yet this half year celebration was just as much a milestone for Martin and me. We did it. Six months of parenting down! And boy have they been incredible.