Dear summer,

You came to Montana early this year. Thank you.

You quickly sent me on a search for a baby sun hat.

You brought a beautiful updated baby book to Gadanke! Some of the new writing prompts seriously make Martin and me get all teary eyed.

baby journals

(You are loved – Gadanke baby book)

Now you let us run around without socks and shoes. And that’s such a cool thing for Niklas, who has discovered his feet. He wants to suck those delicious little toes, and I can’t blame him.

You make long family walks feel like magic.

montana springtime

You make us wonder when watermelon will arrive at the store and our CSA (community supported agriculture) box of locally grown food will be ready.

And you bring our favorite flying season. I think we will need to drop bowling balls from airplanes again.

Welcome, summer. Welcome!