Gadanke’s new office

Thank you for all of your Gadanke journal orders during our Earth Day sale. I’m so grateful for your support, and your orders are all with our trusty postman now.

Today seems like the perfect day to show you just where this order packaging is happening.

behind the scenes

Gadanke’s new headquarters is a house here on the airstrip. I can still walk to work, which I love.

We’re still figuring out how we want to maximize the space. Shipping is on one end of the room; production is on the other.

journal shop

All of the furniture (like vintage dressers, card tables, and night stands) came from the hangar.

As you can see, this space is a huge step up from working in the hangar. We have plenty of light streaming through the windows, and there’s a picnic table out front that will be so perfect for summer lunches.

cork flooring

When Martin and I started fixing up this house, everyone at the airport assumed we were moving in.

When they heard I was pregnant, they were certain that we were moving in.

We kept telling them (we keep telling them) that we have no plans to move out of the airplane hangar. The irony of that statement does not pass by Martin and me. We live in an airplane hangar and work in a house? It sounds absolutely backwards, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing: we don’t need a large living space. We love living small, and we built the house in the hangar to suit us. The cabinets are extra tall. The space is heated with radiant floor heating. The stovetop is divine… I could go on and on!

We desperately needed a bigger workspace, though! Here’s what the place looked like before we started remodeling:

house on an airport

The angle of this photo is approximately the same as the photo above it with the card tables, so you can see we made some major changes.

Like most small airports, it’s common to have both houses and commercial spaces together along the airstrip. Some houses have a hangar attached to them like you might have a garage attached to your house. (This house doesn’t.) And some houses end up inside really large hangars. Like ours!

cowboy house

We made a lot of eco-friendly decisions about this space, and I’ll start showing you those next week. For now, I just had to give you a nice behind-the-scenes peek of Gadanke’s new home!