How I built a minimalistic pregnancy wardrobe

pregnancy clothes

As you may recall, I’m not too keen on how easily the fashion world makes us feel so poorly about ourselves. I remember buying clothes just because I saw the photographs of girls happily wearing them in advertisements. I recall purchasing things that weren’t really me because I thought that they would make me stylish, cool, or just an all-out better version of myself.

I know now that clothes can’t change who any of us are.

So what happens, then, when your body starts changing with pregnancy and you don’t fit into the clothes you came to love? My pregnancy wardrobe was pretty minimalistic. And affordable.

1. See how you can rework some of the clothes you already own.

I’ve had several long skirts for years. Turns out they’re easy to wear while pregnant and much more comfortable than pants. I bought a maternity skirt and two dresses (like the one I wore to give the TEDxTalk), though I didn’t buy a single pair of maternity pants.

I also didn’t buy any sweaters. I just wore the cardigans and button up sweaters I already had. When my coat couldn’t zip any longer, I wore Martin’s old leather aviator jacket.

2. Shop for basic pieces.

I didn’t want to buy a lot of clothes, so I primarily focused on solid-colored, comfortable pieces like you see above. Then I grabbed accessories like scarfs and necklaces to switch things up. Having a winter baby made scarf-wearing easy. Working at the journal shop from the airport helped, too; I didn’t need a big closet of dressier outfits.

Two of my maternity tops came from Target; those shirts weren’t long enough to cover my stomach after the eighth month. I also found a few dressier clearance shirts at Kohls. But my all-time favorite pieces came from Their jersey cotton is comfortable, long enough to cover a big belly and long arms, and durable enough to last through pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Try used maternity clothes.

I didn’t expect to receive maternity hand-me-downs, but boy were they useful! I received a few pieces of clothing from friends, which really pushed me out of my tendency to wear solid colors. It was a fun change. Some communities even have thrift shops with specific maternity sections.

Hope that helps anyone beginning this awesome journey to mamahood! Curious about the journal I wrote for my future son? It’s here.