Gadanke is moving

We’ve got a problem. The Gadanke journal shop just cannot fit in the office we built in the airplane hangar any longer.

The space has always been a little tight. Here was my desk when we finished the remodel and moved in almost two years ago, after leaving the tire house. Things were already stacked to the ceiling.

journal business

With a growing team and over 90 journals and adornments for sale in the shop, squeezing into the hangar office alongside Martin’s work just wasn’t practical any longer.

So during my pregnancy, Martin and I started scratching our heads. Even more, we started dreaming. Really dreaming.

And that’s where we are now. Packing. Moving. Settling somewhere else.

needing a bigger office

moving the office

Of course, you know us. We didn’t just relocate to a ready-to-go spot. Oh no! Lots of remodeling was happening behind the scenes, primarily by Martin and subcontractors since I was either much too pregnant or caring for our baby. I’ll walk you through that. It’ll be at a much faster clip than when we built our home in the airplane hangar or built a kitchen in Germany since those projects were being shared as we went.

For now, we’re still settling in. The toilet needs a new valve. The fireplace needs connected. And a million other things need tending to… Especially the best part of all: our shipping area needs organized so there’s no delay in getting your Gadanke goodies out the door!