How to: striped watercolor envelopes

paint custom envelopes

Another Friday, another set of envelopes painted with watercolors and out the door. (Last Friday’s envelopes here.)

envelopes with watercolors

With all the emails and texts we’re quick to send, I just love the idea of pausing to spend more time writing letters and sending cards. People don’t expect it.

To make these envelopes, I pulled out my trusty watercolors and picked a color. I painted line after line, loving how some lines were thick and some were thin. Some were dark; some were light.

Then I grabbed a second color, painting more lines. Sometimes my lines were between the first color lines. Sometimes they overlapped. No stress. No worry about perfection.

I left white space for the addresses, but you could just as easily write over the paint with a bold black pen.

handmade envelopes

If you have a few spare moments this weekend, pause and write to someone. Make the envelope extra special.