A forgotten story in my journal

scrapbook mistake

I was looking through my old journals this weekend, and this page from my Love Where We Live journal about Berlin, Germany really struck me. (You can flip through more pages of my journal here.)

It was a moment of expat life that I would have completely forgotten. I’m so glad I wrote it down!

Germany was playing Turkey in soccer that day. The winner went on to finals for the World Cup, so this game was a huge event for everyone in Berlin where there’s a huge Turkish population amongst the German crowd. As I read this entry, I started to remember all the restaurants hanging TVs from the trees and bringing all their tables and chairs outside. Shops were deserted, but the streets were packed. German flags and Turkish flags hung from balconies and cars. One man was hanging out of a sunroof, waving the biggest Turkish flag I’d ever seen as his buddies whooped and hollered from inside the car.

It was a magical time. Fireworks. Honking horns. Ringing bell bikes. Anything that could make noise when one of the teams scored.

crossed out scrapbook

The funny thing is that at first glance, someone looking for beautiful scrapbook-like pages might think this entry is no good. I crossed off information. Maybe I wasn’t as clear as I could have been. Perhaps photos of what I saw would have been cool.

I don’t care.

The words brought me back – just as they are. And isn’t that the whole reason to document these moments after all? We want to remember.