Working with baby


As we kick off a whole new month, I figured the best start would be getting myself organized in the office. (And maybe a haircut is needed, too!)

Before Niklas was born, Martin and I never really had to think about work life balance at the airport. Everything just kind of blurred together. We worked when we wanted. When a pilot flew in, we could stop and chat. Or if the weather was too tempting, we could head out for a day of skiing or a flight ourselves.

Now things are a bit trickier.

About a week ago, we decided to set a loose schedule. Martin cares for Niklas in the morning while I really focus on work at the journal shop. Our son is always so bubbly at this time of day. He’s interested in nothing but play – and maybe a meal and diaper change here and there. Just this weekend, he discovered his voice… and it is a loud one!

Squeal, squeal, squeal!

We’re also trying to take a German approach to our meals, meaning lunch is huge while dinner is usually leftovers or something small.

After lunch, Martin heads off to work for the day, and I do what I can here and there. It all depends on Niklas’ needs.

Our schedule gives me confidence that our family can be productive but still give Niklas all the attention he deserves. My window for productivity is so much smaller than it used to be. I kind of like how work and personally life can’t blur together like they used to. It certainly makes me more excited to document our stories and share some inspiration with all of you with daily blogging again.

So here goes!

And some tips for office organizing if you’re as buried as I am:

  1. Go digital with paperwork, movies and music
  2. How to file things in Germany
  3. Send paperless thank you notes
  4. Never touch a piece of paper more than once (Could you do this?!)