2014: A Year of Unleashing

monkey and his dad

It feels like I have just blinked and already, this tired little monkey is two months old. January is in the books. We’re watching for the groundhog tomorrow.

Some days, I’m so exhausted that I can’t believe it. Other days, Niklas is the exhausted one, and he naps like a champ. We take it day by day. And it’s all so beautiful.

Last year, I was committed to taking the year slowly. After pushing and pushing to grow the Gadanke  journal shop and then build our house in the airplane hangar over the past few years, I was exhausted. We were exhausted! Slowing down and signing up for less last year meant 2013 was our healthiest year ever. We spent six weeks in Germany where I became friends with fascinating women from Vietnam, India, Korea, Iran, and Morocco. I became pregnant and was beyond fortunate to have an easy pregnancy and quick natural delivery. The nurses joked that it’s a good thing the doctor on call the day Niklas was born happened to be a marathon runner!

Niklas has changed our life in so many beautiful ways.

I don’t want to take any of this for granted.

I read this post by artist Kelly Rae Roberts in December, and that’s when I knew where I wanted to steer my heart in 2014. This year is all about unleashing.

Unleashing my expectations about how orderly my house and my routine should be.

Unleashing what I think my son should be and embracing who he becomes.

Unleashing myself from the Gadanke brand in places where others can step in to help me.

Unleashing the belief that I can do it all.

Unleashing barriers that I have unintentionally built around what can and can’t be done at Gadanke.

Unleashing the creative visions that have been building in my heart.

Unleashing endless love for Niklas and Martin.

Unleashing. Letting go. Embracing.

Hello 2014. I’m ready for you with open arms.

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