Journal Entry: So Very Thankful for This

thanksgiving journal

Before Niklas was born, I started journaling about life right now. I knew a baby was going to change everything; he already was. I used the “Train of Thought” blank journal to document a couple weeks. Journaling in a blank book can be particularly challenging. (There are no writing prompts!) So I chose a theme.

My train of thought was all about gratitude. Here’s what the first finished pages looked like:

thanksgiving journal idea

To start, I gathered all of my supplies:

  1. “Train of Thought” journal (It includes the kraft pages, green ticket, and vintage book page.)
  2. “So Very Thankful for This” text printed on a sheet of paper
  3. Heart cutout from a page of “Train of Thought”
  4. Black pen
  5. Coffee colored stamp pad
  6. Double sided tape
  7. List of things I love about our house (I wrote this list one night before falling asleep.)
  8. Hole puncher (which I ended up not needing)
  9. Scissors
  10. Date stamper

how to start journaling

I cut out the vintage book page using the heart template and laid out my page. Then it was just a matter of taping everything down and writing my stories in list form.

how to build a kraft paper heart

I played around with rubbing my stamp pad on the edge of the ticket and heart, giving them a bit of a distressed look. Would it make my whole page come together more, I wondered.

how to create distressed ink
Shabby chic isn’t me, I quickly realized. I like clean-cut, straight lines. The journal came with a second raffle ticket, so I used it. I was about to flip the heart over to the non-distressed side, too. But it occurred to me that sometimes life is going to be messier than I’d like in the coming years. My home will be, too. That’s life with a little boy, right?!

I embraced it and added a date stamp.

family gratitude journal