Accepting Holiday Traditions that Didn’t Happen

first christmas

People often say having a baby teaches you to prioritize. As my first few weeks of mamahood coincide with the holidays, I’m finding that to be oh so true.

As I’ve written about a couple of times, Martin and I are taking things slow this season while still keeping up some customs or at least modified versions of our holiday rituals. But Baby Niklas, who arrived a month ago, is also teaching me to realize that even when traditions are important, it’s okay to put them on hold.

I’m sure you’re like me – equal parts relieved that Christmas is over while still silently wishing you could hold onto that festive feeling and do all the fun activities you didn’t get around to.

Traditions are important. They create the stories and memories that make our families ours. But just as traditions have room to grow and evolve throughout the years, they also have room to give. Skipping a year doesn’t devalue a tradition. Tradition will be there for the years when other priorities — like getting to know our infant son — aren’t competing for our time and hearts.

There is always next season. Let go of the would-haves, could-haves, and should-haves. Celebrate the haves. And you and I have a beautiful 2014 in store. Cheers to that!

Are there times when priorities have trumped tradition for you? Any holiday things that just didn’t happen this year?