Slowing Down: Our Precious Christmas Gift

christmas at yellowstone

You hear the same mantra every year around Christmas time: Slow down, do less.

With Baby Niklas now here and nestled into our arms, we are taking that maxim to heart. Part of that is this little guy has literally turned our day-to-day pace to just that. Slower, with less done. He needs to be held, fed, loved on, sung to. And all we want to do is hold, feed, sing, love, snuggle, adore. That means laundry stacks up, dishes take a back seat. And that’s OK.

Martin and I have given ourselves permission to put parenting first and all the other things second.

  • We’ve lined up some help for the journal shop so people can still do their holiday shopping through Gadanke.
  • We’re taking a break from projects around the hangar.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, we decided a while back to keep it small this Christmas.

yellowstone national park winter

Normally holidays for us mean traveling a few hours away to be with my very large extended family or to various European destinations to join Martin’s. Big gatherings, lots of fun, great memories.(Photos are from a big get-together in Yellowstone National Park at Christmas time last year.)

But with Niklas being only a few weeks old, we want to limit driving on bad roads, not overload ourselves with the logistics of traveling, and give him time to build his little immune system away from lots of people and holiday hubbub.

Martin and I also decided we wanted to make this holiday season a time when we can really, truly focus on our new son, on each other as parents, and on celebrating being a family. We’ve always been part of the bigger family — as the aunt and uncle, as the siblings, as the children. But this year, we get to be the parents. And that’s a Christmas gift we want to take the time to revel in.

Sometimes doing less means gaining more.

winter in yellowstone

Stay tuned for details on how we’re simplifying this year, while still keeping it festive and introducing Niklas to holiday traditions.

How are you keeping it low-key this year?