French Café Au Lait Recipe

how to make cafe au lair

Last Christmas, I bought a pound of dried chicory on Amazon, divided it into smaller portions in cute bags, and gave them to my family. “Let’s continue the legacy,” I told them.

And we are.

Café au lait was one of my grandma’s favorite drinks. She followed her own grandma’s recipe from France and served this coffee with toast and butter for breakfast.

I’m adding the recipe and my favorite memories of watching my grandma make it to my Gadanke “Taste” journal.

how to make french coffee

My grandma would cook this coffee on the stovetop then pour in hot milk. (Those instructions are on the back side of the recipe card.) She was adamate about serving this beverage in small pottery bowls that she made because that’s what her grandma did in France when she visited. My grandma filtered the coffee through a metal sieve, though most of the chicory and coffee grounds collected on the bottom of our bowls.

Rather than using a cooking pot, I follow the same ratio of coffee to chicory in a mocha pot and mix it with hot milk. The chicory adds a really smooth feel to the coffee.

Try it.