A Reclaimed Wood Cupboard Too!

Thank you for the cheers and good vibes you all sent last week as I spoke at TEDxMinot. It really meant a lot! The event was fabulous, and I still cannot believe that I got to be a part. I’ll keep you posted on when the videos are live some time in the next month.

Meanwhile back here at the airport, Martin hasn’t slowed a bit. I sketched an idea for the cupboard above our sink, he drew the plans, and Jay the cabinet maker began constructing this in his shop:

how to build a green kitchen

I picked up the cupboard, then Martin took care of the final details (installing hinges and the doors, sanding, varnishing…). And I have to admit that I completely slept through it all. Yes, I snored as that sander ran for hours. Good grief.

Unfortunately, the glass shop was not as detail oriented as Martin or Jay. They cut the frosted glass 1/4″ (.6 cm) too wide. It doesn’t fit.

recycled glass countertop

What the heck! Martin and I hung our cupboard anyway. I actually did help with that, as much as a pregnant lady can. We still need to add the shelves and shelf brackets. New glass has been ordered, too.

We still can’t believe we’re here. With a real kitchen!