Cabinet Construction

The last time we built kitchen cabinets, we had about 80 square feet (7.4 square meters) to craft our handmade dream. This time, we have an airplane hangar, and we’re taking advantage of it!

I laid recycled paper on the floor so that no one had to take off shoes in the house or worry about falling screws damaging the bamboo.

how to build a kitchen

how to build cabinets

Rather than making the boxes for all the drawers ourselves, we outsourced. The dovetail-like work that connects each corner had me swooning.

build cabinet drawers

Martin and Jay assembled them with glue and clamps.

assemble cabinet drawers

Wait. Who’s Jay? He’s a finish carpenter (aka cabinet builder) who’s wife and I met at a Girl Scout event. You never know when you’ll run into just the right person, and Jay has been fabulous! He and Martin have the same attention to detail, so the two of them worked together like a blur of vacuumed up sawdust as they sanded, measured, and sanded.

sanding cabinets

“Come see this!” Martin shouted to me.

how to install drawers

He was almost finished with the first section of our cabinets made from restored 1950s flooring!

how to use reclaimed wood

He drilled two holes for the handles.

vintage wood cabinet

Then the glue went on.

vintage wood kitchen

There’s a chance you may recognize the handles. We used the exact same ones in Germany! We both loved the way they felt and looked.

german kitchen

We’ll keep you posted on the progress. A real kitchen!