August Journal Page

I love how my journals become time capsules, documenting the adventures and thoughts of my life. Here’s a scrapbook-style page I made about a float trip Martin and I took exactly two years ago. Thought you’d enjoy it.

summer journal

The brown bag sticker has a quote from Norman McClain’s beautiful book, A River Runs Through It. (Perhaps you’ve seen this classic Montana movie?)

I journaled the story of our float trip on the back of the page without any embellishment.

  • I wanted to remember how Martin drove to town to pick up a surprise (the rented raft).
  • I wanted to remember eating cherries and dipping our feet in the cool water.
  • I wanted to remember this time together with nothing to do but meander down the river.

summer scrapbook

Supplies used:

What would you want to remember about this August 21st two years from now?