What Do You Want?


airplane hangar tour

Last week, a fellow pilot came to see all of our remodeling and restoring in the airplane hangar. We all came in the door, and the experience was magical.

Martin and I are always showing people the place. (We love sharing ideas!)

  • It reminds us of how much we’ve done since we left Germany.
  • I think it often gives people inspiration. The determination to succeed in being who we’re meant to be is part of the human condition. So often, the changes happening in this hangar and with Gadanke help plant that seed for other people.
  • People open up to tell story about their journey when they experience ours.

Unfamiliar with our vintage airplane hangar remodel or beautiful eco-home in the back? Tour here.

I don’t think the magic of the story with this man had anything to do with Martin or me, though. The man had slept in the old pilot guest room for a few nights many years ago. (That’s where our bedroom is today.) He remembered what the place felt like before; he has known about the journey that Martin and I have taken to make this hangar what it is. He was so happy to come up the stairs to see the home we built. But there was a catch: he’s in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

He climbed off his wheelchair and onto the staircase. With his bottom on the first stair tread, he pulled himself up backwards, one step at a time, until he reached the top. He scooted over to our bed and pulled himself onto it as Martin carried the wheelchair into the house. We held his chair steady, and he transferred to it in one fluid move.

“Let’s see what you’ve done!” he announced, rolling into the living room.

When you watch someone take what he’s given and make the most of it, it’s inspiring. It’s the sort of thing movies are made of. Triumph over the odds!

I love seeing how people find determination to create the life stories they want to live despite the obstacles that come. So often, it begins with one step. It’s a deep breath, pen in hand. It’s writing in your journal: I can do this because I want to do this.

What do you want?