Pens from Germany

German pens

When I was in Germany in March, I went to the little locally owned office supply store near my German school. I bought half a dozen of my favorite colored pens. “You like these pens, don’t you?” the clerk asked me in German. She was a young woman with long straight hair.

“I do!” I told her. “I use them for everything.”

“Me too!” she said. She kept saying more, but the barrier of language and time have erased those details from my memory.

I walked out of that shop with a goal: I had to get these fabulous pens onto the shelves of Gadanke. I wanted you to have just as much fun with them as everyone in Germany seems to have!

German colored pens

Guess what I have for you now! You can find these pens at Gadanke right here.

I’ve been using these pens for the majority of my journal entries¬†over the years. (The spread below is from a trip to Spain.) I hope you can capture just as many fun stories with them.

travel journal to spain

Which colors do you most like to write with?