Turn an Old Sweater into a Pillow

There is a new blue knit pillow on our bed.

repurpose old sweater

It’s not really a new item in our house, per say. It used to be a sweater.

how to repurpose a sweater

I wore this sweater the day Martin and I met. It wasn’t nearly so stretched out and saggy back then. “You should turn it into something,” Martin said when I tossed it into a pile of clothes that didn’t fit anymore. (Nostalgia is our middle name.)

I thought about it for a few weeks and decided to grab my scissors and just leap. How about another pillow to make up for our lack of a couch?

Step 1. Measure a pillow form.

Step 2. Adding half an inch to the measurements, cut out two squares from the sweater.

Step 3. Put the outsides together and sew around all four sides.

Step 4. Turn the new pillow mold right-side-out and insert pillow.

pillow made out of a sweater

In normal pillow making, a few more steps are involved. But my sweater had a zipper, and I decided to work with it. The pillow form is easy to pull out or put in – handy for washing.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this pillow idea would work out or not. The sign that gives that away? The ribs of the sweater are not aligned along the seam.

german bed with handmade pillows

I’d say it worked! Sound the kazoos. We like it! And I think we’re really struck by how “German” this space is looking, very square and proper instead of fluffy and bouncy like an American bedroom might be. Das ist interessant!

Have you ever repurposed something you’re nostalgic about?

(This room used to look like this. We tore that out, built new (insulated) walls, painted everything white, installed bamboo flooring, and moved in. My grandma embroidered the white pillowcases. My mom made the lap quilt at the foot.)