Shoes in Germany

Every time a friend asks what type of souvenir I get for myself in Germany, I always answer with far too much zeal, “Shoes!”

cowgirl boots from germany

They’ll kind of roll their eyes and turn to Martin, begging for a more stereotypical answer, something like chocolate or a new pair of Leiderhosen, I suppose.

Oh but of course they don’t get a run of the mill answer from him, either. Martin adds just as many explanation marks as he announces, “I bought us a phone made by Siemens!” or “I found this cool strand of LEDs!”

(I don’t think we’re on the tourist boat anymore.)

I don’t want to chat with you about LEDs today. I hope you weren’t wanting to, either. So lets talk shoes instead.

cowboy boots


The majority of shoes in Germany are leather. From what I can tell, most are Italian-made and German-designed. It’s a beautiful blend, and unlike in the US, well-built Italian leather shoes aren’t going to set you back hundreds of dollars. These comfortable summer boots cost $100 (78€). They’re made by my favorite German brand, Tamaris (which, as far as I can tell, is not available in the US).

Did I just bring European-style cowboy boots to Montana?!

I don’t actually know my US shoe size anymore. When we moved to Germany in 2008, I fell in love with the quality of their shoes. Being ever the pragmatist, the cute factor is lowest on my list. Comfort and durability matter most, probably because I walk a lot. Now that even sounds German, doesn’t it?! I just hate the idea of wearing a dozen bandaids under my shoes, no matter how cute those shoes might be.

I think it goes to show you never know what you’ll discover in a new country. Open the doors and try new things wherever you go. It can change you.

Where is your favorite place to get shoes? And how long have you had the pair you most love?

P.S. That green coat from 2007? Awesome! .…but not in Germany.