February Giveaway Day

Pay no attention to the fact that it’s not even February right now. I masterfully turned off the house remodeling project part of my brain this past month. And let me tell you… it’s been amazing. Martin and I were balancing along a delicate line that neighbored burnout at the airport. Cleaning out the hangar is a task far greater than we ever imagined. And it’s still so full of

  • stuff to recycle – like 100s of used spark plugs
  • stuff to fix
  • stuff to sort or organize – like the 5 good spark plugs mixed in with those 100 not so good ones
  • stuff to find the proper owners of – like 100+ logbooks from students who learned to fly at the airport years ago

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the progress you’ve made on a project because all your eyes can see are the projects you haven’t done yet.

**giveaway is now closed. thank you. congrats to our winner: Nic**

Yikes. I don’t want to even think about all that right now. I’m just going to focus on the approach of spring in Germany right now, which comes months before it does at the airport!

germany spring

Eventually, I know I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and clear that hangar some more. Hopefully I can spread a little of that DIY inspiration your way when we get back to Montana. Let’s start with this.

steam cleaning

Steam Machine from Home Right

This handy tool uses steam (no chemicals) to do some deep cleaning of tile, grills, linoleum, and other tough-to-clean spots. Years ago, my dad and I rented a steamer to remove wallpaper, and it was such a breeze. We just added water and went for it. It looks like this blue guy could knock out some serious wallpaper-covered rooms, too.

Ships to Canada or the United States

**giveaway is now closed. thank you. congrats to our winner: Nic**

Contest details:

  1. Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you hate cleaning the most.
  2. One entry per household please.
  3. Giveaway closes on Friday 3/08/2013 at midnight MST (aka midnight in Montana)
  4. Winners will be announced here and emailed.
  5. Feel free to tweet, facebook, or share this giveaway to show our support to these small shops and the people behind them. Good luck!