Peek In Elizabeth’s Travel Journal

seattle travel journal

On a hectic Monday, I seek out a moment of peace. It always grounds me in what’s important amongst all the chaos of a new week. You know what I mean? When we’re just going and going like that Energizer Bunny, it’s too easy to get wrapped up. You start to forget what you love about life because you’re too busy to notice.

So let’s make a deliberate effort to pause today, okay?

My moment of pause is with Elizabeth’s travel journal today. She truly captures a go-with-the-flow feeling about her vacation from medical school. Gosh, if anyone knows about crazy days, I bet it’s Elizabeth. Come peek into her “Journey” Gadanke travel journey with me here. (Scroll to the bottom to flip through her pages.)

travel scrapbook

Elizabeth’s journal is one of the growing collection of peeks people are sharing into their Gadanke journals. Thanks Elizabeth.

As you pause today, where do you think you’d want to go for a relaxing vacation? Would you take the family along? Would you meet up with some girlfriends like Elizabeth did? What’s the feeling you’d want to create?