Clothes in Germany

Martin had to get an official photo taken today. Germans are very particular about identification photos. For starters, you absolutely cannot smile. Your face must be centered, level, and occupying a very specific dimension. It isn’t like the US where you can flash your cheesiest smile at the post office’s low resolution camera and call it good if you’re getting a passport.

We headed to the mall.

“Look friendly!” the photographer said as she snapped two photos. We paid 14 euro and walked into the sea of black.

What on earth do I mean by a sea of black, right? Well, it’s scenes like this…

clothes in europe

While Americans tend to wear a lot of color, Germans prefer their black.

Even more, many Germans love their black coats.

walking in germany

Meanwhile, I’m still the same girl in the bright red coat like in this classic 2011 photo surrounded by other tourists. (Some things never change!)

what to wear in berlin

The good news is if we’re planning on meeting somewhere or you and I accidentally get separated, you can spot me in, oh, .002 seconds. Martin loves it!

I enjoy discovering that I look just German enough that other Germans approach me for directions on my way to school. Clerks remember me. Little babies wave at me from their strollers. And back when we lived here and had bikes, I knew that drivers were more likely to see me on the streets.

For that, red coats are awesome!

trains in germany

But still… I think my next coat will probably be black. And I’d really like it if Martin’s next coat were red. That first photo I showed you was an attempt to take a picture of him in a crowd. It’s worse than playing “Where’s Waldo?” because he just barely made it into my shot, as you can see here.

where's waldo in germany

We won’t even discuss how long it took me to find him amongst all the other tall skinny guys in black when I came down the stairs. I think it was him who found me. And my red coat.

What color is your coat? Are you currently loving it or feeling a bit indifferent? Or maybe you notice your coat is a little… off, just like mine is here. I’d love to hear your story, so do share!