Life in Germany

living in germany

I found this old photo from my fist trip to Germany when Martin introduced me to his world. Can you believe he used to play in that castle when he was young? The idea still blows me away!

We really love small German towns. Now that I can actually speak some German, we often toss around the idea of living in one of these sweet little spots when we’re much older. Wouldn’t that be fascinating? And who knows what type of technology will connect us to our family back in the US by that time.

Part of my homework last night was writing a cover letter. Yes, my classmates in German class are preparing to “enter the real world” of work and paychecks when this course comes to an end. I’m juggling work and school these days. While everyone is asleep in the US, I go to school. When everyone in the US starts waking up, I start working. I’m so happy with Gadanke and the stories we’re all catching with it.

That made picking my “new” job from our course book tricky. None of them seemed to fit.

Until I saw this one:

jobs in germany

I responded to an imaginary ad to help an elderly woman. Take her to the doctor, clean for her, shop for her, clean for her… Basically, she needed assistance. But more than anything, I imagined that she needed a friend.

I think we all do.

As I walked to the stairs on my way to class this morning, a German woman in her 70s was working her way down the stairs to get some fresh bread. She started chatting with me. (If you know German people, you know that “chat” is not really a part of this culture.) I know I didn’t answer her thoughts correctly. In fact, I’m quite sure I missed half of what she said.

I felt pretty bad.

About an hour ago, I was walking back into the building. My homework was turned in and class was over. I saw that same lady getting her mail. At this point, she knew my German language skills aren’t anything to boast about. She didn’t seem to mind. She looked at me and started to talk, this time a little slower and with smaller words.

And that’s when I knew all over again: we all carry stories and have this deep desire to share.

Where do you imagine living when you’re older? Who’s stories would you love to hear?