Gratitude Journal

Have you seen the new gratitude journals that arrived at Gadanke?

I was so excited to build these new “The Little Things” journals. It was a project I began daydreaming about one afternoon as a blizzard blew around the airport. It was cold and icy outside, but oh so cozy inside… and boy was I grateful that my afternoon would be indoors with a cup of tea!

gratitude diary

This gratitude journal helps you celebrate the good things in life. I think some of the best things are the littlest details. Hugs. Warm quilts on the couch. A letter in the mail.

A version of this journal has been a part of Gadanke’s story for a little while. Today, it’s made with gorgeous Italian letterpress paper. You’ll just love feeling these journals beneath your fingers. It’s thicker than before, with more thought-provoking prompts on American paper that’s a blend of cotton and 100% recycled paper.

gratitde journals

Lovely, aren’t they?

My 95-year-old grandma always says that we should all count our blessings every day. That’s what this gratitude journal is all about. Head over to Gadanke to take a peek.

What’s one of the everyday things you’re grateful for?