Paper Hearts & Diamond Rings for Valentine’s Day

We do a lot of small group work in German class. Some classmates are more serious than others about keeping on topic. This afternoon, my partners were not. They were swooning over Valentine’s Day. My partners talked about cute guys, flowers, and lots and lots of pink. I was game! …as long as we did it all in German, not their native tongue.

I learn the coolest stories when we get off topic, and I’d like to write a series of “her story” posts to tell you about the people I am meeting.

scrapbook page with hearts

When I got home this afternoon, the house was empty; Martin and his mom were off on adventures, so I decided to pull out some scraps of red paper that I found. This photo is of a page from the “Baby Hello” brag book that I’m keeping for my niece. I thought I’d tell her a little about what her grandma always did for her daddy and me on Valentine’s Day when we were kids. I’m adding lots of hearts.

A chain of red hearts is so easy to make! It’s a beautiful embellishment for your journal, whether you’re writing about Valentine’s Day or something you love.

Just before class came to an end, my class partners asked me about my lack of a wedding ring. “If you’re married, you should have a ring,” they told me in our broken version of German. “I have one,” I said. “I just don’t always wear it to class.”

“Did it come from Tiffany’s?” one asked me. She turned to the other girl. “All American girls have giant diamond rings from Tiffany’s. I saw it on Sex in the City.”