Journaling About Contentment

Sometimes we keep secrets from ourselves. That sounds nuts, doesn’t it? It’s true, though.

There’s pain, confusion, feelings of inadequacy… gosh, that list could go on longer than any of us wish. These things eat at us. They keep us from reaching the greatest version of ourselves. They keep us from smiling. The magic of journaling is how it helps us see these secrets, understand them, and best of all, find some closure.

Do you know how?

This is a page from the Gadanke personal journal,  She: Me, My Heart, My World by Kelley.

finding contentment

Sometimes, your journal can be your best friend when you’re feeling frustrated. You need someone to talk to, and as much as we love our guys, they might be like, “Really? You want to talk about that again?!” Umm, yes you do.

I don’t know if that’s true or not about Kelley, however I see two very soulful things happening on this journal page. First she wrote about her feelings with a black pen. It’s very simple; it gets her emotions onto the paper. And when she reached the end of the page, she stopped. Then she brought in colored pencils. It shows hope; it gives her the opportunity to reflect on all the good stuff she’s describing.

Kelley, thank you for bravely sharing this entry with us. It’s beautiful.

Tip to take away: When you need a dose of happiness, write one or two pages. Then stop writing; start decorating. This trick keeps you from later feeling like your journal is full of sad run-on entries (which is the biggest problem with traditional journaling!). Decorating the page gives you time to reflect and find contentment.

Have you ever tried journaling this way? What can you take away by experimenting with it?