Writing a Love Letter

I’ve started writing a love letter for my valentine. Martin is such an important person in my life, and I really want to tell him how grateful I am for his love and encouragement… especially when we’re in a country where I don’t always comprehend what’s going on!

how to write a love letter

I’m using the love letter from Gadanke. The prompts that create a poem make it so easy! I just read a prompt and my pen starts going. And yes, I am once again making a few spelling mistakes, using unintentional tense switches, and dating it 2012.

A beautiful story isn’t about the grammar; it’s about the heart. I’m not afraid to cross out my mistakes. Or just leave them as is.

how to write a girl a love letter

Embrace the flaws, because you know what I have found? A love letter is far more powerful than any box of candies or flowers could ever be. But first you have to pick up a penĀ and start.

I hope you join me with a Gadanke love letter and the tradition of writing down the love stories of our lives.

Who is touching your heart this season?