Midnight Journaling

I woke up last night to the thumbing rhythm of disco music. Noisy neighbors combined with a dash of jetlag is never a good combination on a Sunday night.

I pulled out my headphones and a “Baby Hello” brag book that I started for my niece a little while ago. You know how time flies! As I read a few pages I wrote in September, I couldn’t believe how much my niece has changed. I wrote a quick entry last night but quickly realized I wasn’t at my writting best. My mind is juggling between English and German.

That’s when I started to doodle on the cover. No plan. I just went for it.

grandma brag book

I think the “just go for it” attitude really kicks in when I’m abroad. It has to, really. Otherwise I would never want to leave Martin’s side or venture out by myself.

Instead, I’m going for it.

A meeting I had planned was canceled; I didn’t know until I got there, and Martin and I only have one key to this apartment. I knew I couldn’t get back in, so I did the next best thing and headed to the hair salon…

The hairdresser greeted me, and I told her I wanted a haircut… now please. No, not just a trim. A full out new style please.

(It was probably lucky that one of the hairstylists was out sick today. My appointment is tomorrow, and I’m bringing photos.)

Go for it.