The Next Adventure Beings NOW

Goodbye January. Goodbye sunshine and open spaces. We’re soaking you in while we can and resting in the silence of this morning. Are you guys ready for this? I think we are!

In a few hours, we’ll be off again. Heading back to a different chaos. Crowds. Language. Culture shock.

Santa bought us two tickets to Germany. (Pretty sure he snuck into our little pile of frequent flier miles to make that gift happen! We’ve been saving miles through the construction of our home, and we can’t think of a better way to spend those miles right now.)

Martin’s dreaming of Schnitzel and Quark between all the work projects he has to tackle. I’m getting ready to take another German class. And most of all, we want to snuggle our little nephew and experience the world from a fresh perspective.

Expats. We carry our homes with us. We live in between. Each country we lived in stays in our hearts forever, people we met, talked to, friends, smells… We are citizens of the World. – Jokamin, etsy painter and expat

We’ve only been on one flight so far. Wish us luck. We’ve got two more legs to go, and when we’re in Germany, I’ll share plans. Dreams. Adventures. We’ve got six weeks for fabulousness. Here goes nothing.

Some interesting notes for you:

Where would you go for six weeks? What can I share with you?