Step Into the Laundry Room

The problem with working in airplane hangars is that they’re never all that pretty. That’s why I got Martin to switch gears and come help me with a project upstairs in the house before we take off for a change of scenery.

washing machine in the bathroom

Wait a second. I guess this project isn’t entirely pretty either. But it’s behind the bathtub. And I love that tall person tub.

Our washing machine and dryer were an Ebay score. They are both… wait for it… German appliances. I thought of living dryer free like we did in Germany and the tire house. I’ll be honest, though. The thought was fleeting. I felt like I could better spend my hours of “hausfrau chores” focusing on things besides hanging wet clothes and doing all that ironing. I mean, we just have so much cleaning and labor that we need to do at the airport.

So welcome to our lives, little dryer. What do you think about dryers? Love ‘em or leave ‘em?

washing machine in bathroom

All the blue painter’s tape represent metal shelving and drawers we plan on installing. The verdict is still out on how to handle the ironing board. But that box with my skates or our tent rolled up beside the ironing board? They’re ready to stop being relocated every time the mop comes to visit.

storage in bathroom

Have a great weekend, everybody! We’ll be packing, cleaning, and preparing for this:

We’ve got the January giveaway coming your way on Monday. There’s something fun on Tuesday. And if everything goes to plan, I’ll be writing to you from a whole new angle on Wednesday.

I’ll see you on the other side!

First let’s chat. Do you use a dryer? Would you ever change that fact?