Hangin’ in the Cleaned Up Hangar

One glance out of Gadanke‘s studio’s window into the hangar, and I spotted this blur of primary colors going to town on the stained airplane hangar floor.

garage cleaning

Hello man in rubber gloves!

I tried to get a shot of him from the back end, but he’d already flipped around. There were just a lot of random “things” stuck all over the hangar floor. The little globs of drywall mud… umm. Those were me. The painters tape and duct tape… those were markers that showed you where to part certain airplanes. Of course, a number of said airplanes no longer exist on this airstrip. They haven’t been around for years.

Everything else stuck to the floor? Who knows, who knows. And some things are just better left that way.

airplane hanger

All we know is that if this were Christmas Eve and we had to get the intense room inspection before Santa came with more toys, I think we’d pass. You know the drill. If you can’t put away the toys already in your room, why on earth would Santa be compelled to bring you more things to spread across your floor?

hanger for airplanes

I think I’d offer to give the big red guy a tour. I’d walk backwards, gesture with the classic two-finger points. “And up above your head here, you’ll see we painstakingly repaired every last inch of silver tape on the massive ceiling.” (I’m going for drama in hopes of a dash of Santa sympathy.)

I’d show Santa how we got all the upper walls vacuumed. The metal walls are decluttered and scrubbed. Heaters are installed and functioning. “Look, Santa! We even got a few things on the walls.” [Insert two finger point toward the door where the fire extinguisher and an old map now reside.]

Wait, what’s that you say? We can’t strap blinders onto Santa when he walks through the hangar on his way up the stairs to our little house? You’re telling me he’s going to check everywhere? Oh dear.

So here’s the left side of the hangar.

organizing a garage

No actually it’s not. I haven’t even snapped a photograph that scans everything that’s still left on that side of the hangar. Good grief. I think we’re just lucky it’s January. Santa can stay home.

And because perspective always helps us chug along, here’s a photo from last January. We were putting up the first walls to divide the hangar from our future little home.

unique homes

We’re excited to see what we can make this place look like in January 2014. I think it’s going to be an awesome hangar for hangin’, whether you’re till-death-do-you-part-from-airplanes or not. Especially for the “not” crowd.

What about you guys? Working on a cool hang out in your home? (Your hangar?!) Or maybe you already have one. Tell me about it. What makes it awesome? What makes you want to hang?