Behind the Scenes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I was thinking about how this weekend is often an extended holiday for many Americans. At airports, there isn’t much distinction between a Sunday or a Monday. Pilots wander around or work on their planes any day of the week. And you know how commercial flying is, no matter what time it is during any day of the year.

We have to mentally set the days of the week with little routines like weekend pancakes or the dreaded Monday alarm clock (which I always seem to wake up before it goes off. Drats!).

journals for girls

handmade journals

We’re spending this Monday in preparation for a big flight. (Yep… that’s a little foreshadowing for you.) For me, that means today includes a rainbow of papers and hole punchers merging with a repeated ca-chunk, ca-chunk, ca-chunk at the Gadanke journal shop. I’d like to get out to the hangar for a few little cleanup projects as well. I don’t think that ever ends! Then it’s a night for exhaling.

I feel like we need a good way to celebrate MLK Day. Do you do anything special?

seize the year

These pictures are some glimpses of Gadanke journals in production this week. The calendar is from a Kickstarter project called NeuYear. It’s nice to see the whole year spread before us all at once.

build a journal

I wonder where the year will take all of us. I hope it involves planes. Big or small. :)