Hangar Snakes

I’m feeling really good about the hangar these days. The ground is still quite a mess, but there’s an airplane in here! It’s another pilot’s plane, and it’s missing an engine. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Even more beautiful in my mind is the ceiling. You were starting to wonder when I’d bring up the snakes, right? Thankfully, no real snakes here right now. Something tells me they’re not a fan of (1) blizzards (2) below freezing temperatures.

But the snakes on the ceiling? They don’t seem to care what temperature it is outside. They’ve been hanging around, so we decided to trap ‘em.┬áThe insulation panels on the hangar ceiling are coated in silver foil. And each seam is taped with metal tape from the 1980s, all of which was either falling down or about to. So we replaced all the tape! (Yes, that sentence warrants an exclamation mark. Those dangling ceiling snakes were the equivalent to dusty cobwebs on a standard 8-foot tall ceiling in your house. They had to go. And then we had to do a round of happy dances.)

I never really took a good picture of this problem in all its magnitude before. Yet you could always see ceiling snakes as we built the house

live in a hangar

And as we installed ceiling heaters last week…

The process of updating all that tape was slow and full of neck cramps. That lift we rented made it all possible, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we can make one last project happen before it goes back to the rental shop.

So goodbye, ceiling snakes. May you stay away for another 30+ years.