Peek In Journals II

When you write down your stories, you create an artifact of that point in time. You capture your heart. You offer insight for your future self and perhaps future generations.

I thought it might be useful to occasionally share the beauty I’m seeing in Gadanke journals that women are keeping. I hope these peeks give you ideas to weave into your own pages. See past peeks here.

1. This is a page from “Joy to the World” Christmas journal by Michelle.

christmas journal

I just love this page. The entire entry is only one sentence long, and yet so much is revealed about Michelle.

  1. She has a nickname for herself –  “The Candy Cane Queen”. Love that!
  2. She likes Bob’s Candy Canes.
  3. She happily eats them all year long.
  4. Her partner, “The King”, must love candy canes just as much.

The page is simple; it is powerful. I think it’s so well done!

Tip to take away: Paste some packaging from a favorite food in your journal. Tell the story of you + that food right now.

2. This “She” journal is by Jane.

engagement scrapbook

Jane brought a lot of color into her silver journal. She used it to document her story of being engaged. I think that’s a brilliant idea. A bride-to-be has a lot of interesting, beautiful perspective on life as she prepares for a huge step (and huge change) in life. Jane got all of that written down.

When Jane was finished with this journal, she removed the loose rings. “My story was told,” Jane told me. She didn’t need the open/close flexibility of the rings. Rather, she wanted a permanent closure, and that’s just what the braided ribbon has accomplished.

Beautiful job, Jane!

Tip to take away: Tell the story of a particular point in your life. Pick a day, and declare the story (and the journal) complete.

What do you love about these journals? What can you take away?