Hello January Stories

Hello to a new month and a new year. Hello to finishing a great day of skiing. Hello to fresh stories.

after a ski trip

Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experiences.

– Terry Tempest Williams, American author and conservationist


What types of stories do you think we’ll uncover in this new year? I thought I’d take a little time each to pull together some creative ways for documenting your adventures. Here they are:

  1. Mark a page in your journal with these paperclip + button bookmarks you can make.
  2. Every year, have your child sign his name on a new journal page and see how it changes. (A January tradition perhaps?) Heck, we could do it ourselves, too.
  3. Use watercolors on a journal tag. Then write on top of it with a thick black pen.
  4. I just got these pens to write on photos. They’re a beautiful step up from permanent markers I was using before!
  5. Use kraft reinforcement stickers on a delicate journal page or a handmade tag in your journal.
  6. Fill a few pages with doodles of 100 things you love.

What’s a creative project you’re working on right now? If you have any pictures you’d like to share, leave me the link below.