A Pet’s Stories

Every Christmas season, Martin and I recall our childhood pets. I remember hearing the story of how his dog snatched the carcass of someone’s holiday turkey from the trash and brought it home. Meanwhile, my family’s cat always drank from the tree stand and snooped under the tree with my sister. The cat was tugging ribbons; my sister was reading tags.

The first thing Martin said when we put up the tree was, “All that’s missing is your cat getting a drink.”

Memories of our old pets at Christmas is magical, isn’t it?

The impact they have on our lives is, too.

pets touch lives

Do you remember moments with your pets? Are you noticing them as they happen today?

All those memories are where the inspiration for my next journal came from, and it’s been such a wonderful project to work on! I started in March. Since then, it’s been a steady progress of reminiscing about our pets, talking to people with pets today, and constantly observing.

pet journal

The Marvelous: the life and days of a family pet

Written from the perspective of your pet, your family will have so much fun with this boastful little book of stories, personal trivia, photo spaces, and spots for stuff of life. There’s a lot of sass. And a lot of space for cuteness.

Go have a look. Help me spread the word. Tell me what you think.

journal for pets

What crazy things has your pet done? Anyone else get a turkey carcass delivered at your door? Or how about a snoop under the tree? Or pillow shredding? Oh man, this mischievous list could go on, huh? Let’s hear.

p.s. I’ll be back on Friday with the 2013 plans for the hangar with my new year’s word.