Peek In Journals

Our stories are the heart of who we are. I love that we all have different stories to tell and different ways of telling them. Your voice is yours.

I thought it might be useful to occasionally share the beauty I’m seeing in Gadanke journals that women are keeping. I’m entranced. I hope these peeks give you ideas to weave into your own pages, bringing out the joy and goodness in your storykeeping.

1. These are pages of the “Taste” journal from Bev of Flamingo Toes.

food journal

I just adore her penmanship. The arrows and smiley face make her writing feel comfortable and confident. This journal comes with a lot of blues, browns, and yellows. She brings the same colors into her entries with the blue tape and yellow and brown in the food photos. It’s brilliant!

Tip to take away: use arrows and work with a color scheme sometimes.

2. This photo of the “Journey” travel journal was snapped by Kristina during her summer vacation.

vacation scrapbook

Do you know why I love this photo? It gives you such a beautiful sense of place. We can tell exactly how Kristina is spending her vacation days: gathering shells, visiting museums and the sites, snapping photos, and journaling. I hope she adds this page to her journal.

Tip to take away: snap a photo of your journal in progress and add it to your journal.

Thanks for sharing your stories, ladies! How will you keep celebrating yours?