Christmas Journal, Peek 3 & Free Download

Here’s another peek in my “Joy to the World” Christmas journal. Yah! I love sharing this project and chatting with you about it.

(Previous peeks are here and here)

First I have a free printable for you to add to any Gadanke journal today.

christmas scrapbook free printable

Click here to download the pdf.

If you get the Gadanke newsletter, you’ve already seen this printable. Since it’s my first one, I was too excited to skip sharing it here with you guys, too!

Here’s how I used the first prompt page in my Christmas journal.*

*Just to keep things clear, I photographed this page in a standard sized Gadanke journal so you could see the scale for most journals. I’ll be tucking it into the extra large “Joy to the World” journal I’m using later.

Everything on my page is coming from the supplies that comes with the Christmas journal plus a date stamper. I love that green glitter tape. You just pull off the plastic on the back and stick it wherever you want. No sparkly messes.

Are you doing any holiday baking this season, too? Make sure you pause to write about it. Tuck the recipe into your journal, too!