Hangar Decluttering

One day, this hangar is going to be awesome.

organizing an airplane hangar

Right now, it’s a progressive “where should we put this?” and “is this something we need?” between running Gadanke and getting all Christmasy upstairs.

For those of you who have been with me on this journey for a while, you know that this entire hangar was heaping with stuff. We’ve been decluttering it for one and a half years. That’s crazy!

The photo above is how the place looked when we moved in last month. (We had the hangar door open.)

Now it’s looking about like this with the hangar sealed shut, changing the lighting quite a bit. (Baby it’s cold and snowing outside!)¬†We’re putting a vintage metal desk and shelves full of airplane manuals and maintenance books alongside the staircase. You can see the gray desk already there.

We’ll get some folks’ airplanes in here, spruce up the entry to our home upstairs, and head to the metal recycling center. We’ve got 100 used spark plugs and about 300 pounds of used aviation screws, bolts, and miscellaneous metal junk. Martin wants an engine journal offered at Gadanke. I guess it could come with some free used parts!

One day at a time. That’s how anyone gets anywhere, right?

What are you tackling this week?