Studio Shelving and Future Dreams

Last week, Martin and I were putting shelves above my desk in the journal shop‘s studio.

Now the current state of the Gadanke studio is this:

I managed to stuff those shelves. Man oh man! Everything is a process, right? I know we’ll eventually make this studio space fabulous along with everything else we’re building in this vintage airplane hangar. But not right now.

This month, my goals are all about functioning in here. I want to:

  1. Keep stuff off the floor (like boxes of shipping envelopes, empty boxes, and packaging material)
  2. Make shipping holiday orders the top priority*
*The cutoff date for placing Christmas orders shipped within the US is Tuesday, Dec. 18, so there’s still time for finding some favorite journals to gift.

office organization

When we have more time for construction again, a few projects that Martin and I want to take on in here are:

  1. Getting light fixtures (did you notice the dangling lightbulb in the first photo?!)
  2. Building a cabinet around the air exchanger (the silver and gray box in the upper right of the second photo)
  3. Declutter and unify Gadanke’s shelf organization
  4. Hang art, photographs, and bulletin boards
  5. Style the space (maybe this one is just on my to do list)

remodeling a hangar office

We’ve got a little journey ahead of us. But hey – we’ve got heat and flooring in here… two things this space did not have before. We also don’t have any pin up girls on the walls. I’ll let you decide for yourself if that’s an improvement or not!